Website of the Week 3!

Strawberry Frog is a marketing company that focuses on Cultural Movement.  I found their website to be fun and easy to navigate through.  They use a frog as their mascot in clever ways to add some excitement to the clean and traditional website.

Spoof Photoshop Tutorial

If you have ever used any of those online tutorials for software programs, than you will thoroughly appreciate this spoof photoshop tutorial.


Photo Finalists

I have narrowed it down to these four pictures. I would still like to edit them to remove some of the busy information in the background and make the colors look more consistent. The brand I have decided on is Match.com which I feel works well with these photos and is somewhat unexpected from the original subject chosen.


Website of the Week 2!

This is not a company website, but rather a person's portfolio who works at Blue Sky Studios. There is not much work currently up on the site, but if you look under animation, there is his Flash reel which is unbelievable. It really shows you the full capabilities of Flash as an animation program, not only for websites. Additionally, if you look under the links page, there are links to several other animators amazing Flash portfolios. Enjoy and don't be jealous of how amazing they are!