Website of the Week 12!

Aardman Animations is the official site of the studio that created Wallace & Gromit.  The website, similar to the characters is fun, well illustrated, and has tons of links with interesting information and video reels. Each scene keeps you in intrigued and wanting to find out what happens next.


Website of the Week 11!

NEOSTREAM Interactive
This is a great multimedia company with very nice animations.  The preloader is really fun to watch and the main figure on the page will entertain you the entire time as he leads you to different sections of the website. Definitely check out all the different links when you have a chance.


Website of the Week 10!

Biggs-Gilmore is an advertising company with a core expertise in integration of offline and online marketing strategies. The website I found very intriguing and interactive. I wanted to continue clicking on their images and reading about their work. It has a nice clean feel to it and was easy to navigate through. My only criticisms are that images are small so you don't really know what you're clicking on until after you click on it, and some of the other sections besides "Home" are not as interesting.  But it's definitely worth taking a look.


Website of the Week 9!

My site of the week is for Christies, the art auction house. I have ulterior motives for choosing this site because my friend, Alicia Brooks, just redesigned the homepage and the post-war & contemporary section. There is nothing mind-blowing about the site, but it presents a lot of information in a very clean and attractive way. The post-war & contemporary section is more innovative and has some nice flash graphics.


Website of the Week 8!

In honor of Election Day, here is a funny little video of a dance-off between O'bama (our future president!) and McCain.  I think it was edited in After Effects but I'm not positive.  Either way, it's funny, creative and shows some of the possibilities of using these video editing programs.  Vote and enjoy!